Monday, February 25, 2013

Circle Trust's social responsibility in helping New Zealand

                     Circle Trust is a community group
"Empowering your local community through the Friendship of Networking " 
Circle Trust Objectives:
Introduce people to community organisations, support facilities and mentors who have been there and done that
To consult to connect people on community projects community needs and community issues
To encourage corporate and social responsibility in the community
To help with corporate and community partnership agreements- building a stronger community
To offer life planning and mentoring contacts- people just being there to help
To encourage friendship and support 

Everyone hits the wall at some stage in their life. People deal with the situation in different ways. Some people walk away from the wall and don’t even try and to get through. Others try to get through but continue to bang their head against the wall, while others start taking the bricks down and building the new foundations of their lives. 
We encourage people to prioritise things, to focus, to draft a list of "what I need to do". 
Recall the words of a Tibetan Monk who escaped the invading Chinese army by walking over the snow and ice covered mountains. When asked how he did it, he said "One step at a time"
Pick up the phone-join us on Facebook- make contact with Circle Trust

Daniel Wright 0272615943
General Information
Circle Trust was the vision of a young man by the name of Daniel Wright after his life had hit the wall. Going through that experience he and others in his network now help others..

Circle Trust is always looking for people with experience in any fields to help with people needing just that little bit of encouragement or advice. You may have worked in government, in banking, contracting, teaching, business, in sport where ever.

Our communities are rich with people who have so much experience and advice they can share with others needing just a small bit of help.

Daniel Wright 0272615943

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